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Why Our Milk?


To put it simply: “milk is what we do”. We are very proud of its fresh, superior quality. Every bottle we deliver comes from right here in Idaho. Visit our customer comments section to read the words of how amazed first time drinkers can’t believe the creamy texture of our skim milk. Most can’t believe it’s not 2%. It’ll change the way you think about non-fat milk.

Our Milk - Hormone & Anti-biotic Free

Our milk is truly the freshest available because it is produced and bottled our grade “A” local farm in Idaho Falls. Our dairy follows a rigid testing program to insure purity, quality and flavor. Reed's Dairy does not treat their cows with the bovine growth hormone rbST. In addition, all milk is tested for antibiotics. If any antibiotics are detected in the milk, it is rejected and not processed. Reed's Dairy milk products are homogenized and pasteurized.  Note:  We do offer Raw Milk - meaning the milk is not pasteurize or homogenized and will have a cream top.  Through the extensive records that we keep, we believe our milk to have the A2 protein.


Better Nutrition

Your milk will be delivered to your door within hours of it coming from the cow. During the process, it is never exposed to any light, which can destroy precious vitamins. All types of light – from florescent light to sunlight – can sap the Vitamin A and riboflavin (Vitamin B2) from milk. In fact, dozens of scientific studies done over the past 20 years
have documented light’s harmful impact on vitamins. 

We have heard a rumor…that if you open your milk bottle the morning it is delivered and you put your ear up to the bottle and listen very closely you can still hear the cow mooing. We have not been able to confirm this rumor.

Want to try the BEST milk in Boise?

We guarantee your products will be delivered by 8 a.m. Most of your deliveries will be at your home long before you think about getting out of bed. If your delivery arrives after 8 a.m., please let us know so that we can waive the delivery fee.

Are you the type that likes to pick out the best produce right in the store? We have a 100% money back guarantee on all of our products. If your products are not delivered fresh or up to your standards, we'll replace them at no charge

Actually, that’s two guarantees, which is way better than one!

Satisfaction Guarantee


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Home Delivery    of Milk​

Farm Fresh

Convenient Delivery

No Artificial Hormones

Support Idaho Dairymen and Idaho Businesses.

Boise Milk - Home Delivery of Milk, local produce delivery

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