About Vogel Farms

Our goal is to raise good and healthy food - to have fun and enjoy what we do. Our philosophy is to only raise food that we would eat - if it is not good enough for our family then it is not good enough for yours.

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Come visit the farm

We hold many special events at the Farm and have three gift shops open year round. You are welcome to stop by anytime during the year or for one of our events to experience country life and meet the family that raises your food. We feel it is important to know where your food comes from and how it was raised. Visit our website at VogelFarmsCountryMarket.com for more information.

Boise Milk and Vogel Farms

Boise Milk started delivering fresh, all natural and local milk to your doorstep, expanded by including eggs, breads, coffee, pasta and produce. Together, Boise Milk and Vogel Farms, are adding one more item to the mix - now you can easily order all natural locally raised beef, pork, and chicken and have Boise Milk deliver to your door! Think of the time and gas you will save by not running to the grocery store every week.

Click Here to read our recent interview with Deb from Vogel Farms.

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Vogel Farm Fresh Eggs

We distribute our eggs exclusively through Boise milk. The only other place you can purchase our eggs is at our country store located on the farm. We are growing to try to meet the demand; however we have chosen to do so responsibly in order to maintain the quality of eggs you have grown to love. We do not manipulate the laying hens molt in order to increase production so the amount available will vary time to time. As we introduce new flocks and retire old ones, we will see a change in output volume. The most important part ofour production is in to ensure

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our chickens are treated humanely and not treated as though they are simply biological unfeeling machines. We have happy chickens so you will continue to receive the best eggs in the valley.

Introducing Vogel Farms Meat Combos

The meat packs are custom designed for Boise Milk so you can easily order online through this site. Simply go to your account log in, just like you do when ordering your milk, scroll down on the list until you get to Vogel Farms Meat section and place your order. The following week you will receive your meat combo with your milk delivery.

Since we are a SMALL family farm and are not a high volume feedlot, we will run out of certain

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cuts from time to time. We will keep the website updated with the expected availability date of those items we run out of.

Why choose our products?

We are a small family farm located east of Kuna, dedicated to raising all natural beef, pork, chicken, turkey and eggs the way nature intended. We do NOT use antibiotics, hormones or other growth stimulates in our feed. We also raise all the grass, grain and hay our animals eat and NEVER use secondary feed. We believe our animals should be allowed to grow at their own rate.

Our goal is to raise good and healthy food - to have fun and enjoy what we do. Our philosophy is to only raise food that we would eat - if it is not good enough for our family then it is

Available Meat Products
(All meat sold by the pound)


Ham Steak

Chicken Breast

Chicken Wings

Whole Chicken

Chuck Roast

Rump Roast

Top Sirloin Steak

Cube Steak

T-Bone Steak

Round Steak

Skirt Steak

Tip Steak

Ground Sausage

Ground Beef

(During Thanksgiving, we do have farm fresh Turkeys available for delivery)

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