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About Reed's Dairy

We're your farmer's market on wheels.

     Boise Milk has been providing fresh dairy to the doorsteps of thousands of Idaho homes since 2006.  In 2016, Reed's Dairy purchased Boise Milk.  We are no longer just a milkman. In addition to milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, and bread; we now deliver fresh fruits, vegetables, all-natural bacon and sausage and more! In fact, we now deliver a wide variety of products that come fresh from the farm.  To read more about Reed's Dairy's start go to

     Although we’ve been Idaho’s milkman for 15 years, we are now a farmers' market on wheels, delivering farm fresh goodness to the doors of families living healthy, engaged lifestyles.

​     We are a family business that is committed to the highest quality. Our "family" has extended to include valued customers, employees that care passionately about delivering freshness.  We have partnerships with AJ Salsa, Ballard Farms, Boise Berry Co., City Peanut, Cox's Honey, Dawson Taylor, Dilly's Pickled Veggies, Franz, Gaston's Bakery, GreenWave Hydroponics, Hummuna Hummus, M&W Market, McIntyre Farms, Meadow Gold, Oakdell, Oma & Popies, Rodriguez Bakery, Wildflour Bakery, Teton Valley Chips, Tim's Cascade Chips, Vogel Farms, and Zeppole Bakery and many other Buy Idaho companies.


Q: Do our cows receive artificial growth hormones?

A: We can guarantee that none of our cows have been treated with artificial growth hormone (rbST). In addition, we guarantee our cows are not given any animal bi-products.


Q: Is it true that milk exposed to light can lose nutrition?

A: Yes, scientific studies have shown that when milk is exposed to light, it can destroy most of the milks’ vitamin C and over half of the riboflavin. This includes both natural and artificial light. We take care to keep your milk from being exposed to light. (Study By Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Science.)

Q: Do you offer Raw Milk?

A: We have Raw Milk available in our glass half gallons.  Our Raw Milk is non-pasteurized and non-homogenized.  You still get the creamy cream top on each half gallon.


Q: Do you offer Non-Homogenized Milk. 

A: At this time, we do not offer Non-Homogenized Milk.​


Q: What times and days do you have available for delivery?

A: Our current times for delivery are: Monday night thru Friday morning 7:00 PM – 8:00 AM.  Your delivery day & time will depend on your location and what routes are going through your neighborhood on that day.  Our drivers go out over night to make your delivery.  We do this so that we are able to make deliveries during the cooler part of the day and so our best to help ensure that you products stay cold.

Q: Will my milk stay cold on a hot day?

A: Without proper cooling, your milk could become warm and spoil prematurely. To help ensure your milk stays cold, we ask you place an ice packs or a 2-liter pop bottles filled 2/3 full of ice in your milk box or cooler the night prior to your delivery day.  If there is no cooler or milk box out when your delivery is made, we will leave your delivery in an insulated cooler bag.  The bags have a $0.20 non-refundable charge as well as a $4.50 bag deposit (the deposit is refunded to your account once the bag has been returned and is in usable condition.  Returns must be placed out the night before your delivery at 6:00 PM for our drivers to pick up).

Q: Does Boise Milk assess a delivery charge?

A: Yes, there is a flat delivery charge of $3.50 per delivery.

Q: Do you have specific cut-off times?

A: Yes, our cut-off time for most products is 2:00 PM the day before your delivery.  (i.e. You have a Tuesday morning delivery, your cut-off time will be 2:00 PM on Monday.)  The follow are the exceptions: Gaston's Bakery 9:00 AM the day prior to your delivery, Zeppole Bakery is 5 days prior to your scheduled delivery at 9:00 AM.

Q: How can I ensure that my product will be cold when I bring it in?

A: During the hotter times of the year, we do recommend putting multiple ice packs or multiple bottles filled 2/3 full of ice in your milk box, cooler, or insulated bags to help ensure that the products stay cold.

Q: What happens if I asked you not to leave an insulated bag?

A: If you have contacted us in the past to let us know that you are not interested in receiving insulated bags and you do not have a milk box or cooler left out for your delivery, your delivery will be left on your front porch or the location that you have requested.  We will not be responsible for any products that go back due to not have something out to help ensure that the product stays cold.


​Q: How do I sign-up for home delivery service?

A: You can sign-up online or you can call us at 208-562-8885 to set up an account or if you have any questions. When you sign-up we can provide you with one of our insulated milk boxes (one time fee of $65.00) or you can use your own cooler.  If you wish to order a milk box at the time you sign up, please make the request in the notes section when you sign up.

​Q: I signed up, but I cannot access my account?

A: Once you submitted your sign-up online, it will be sent to our office for approval.  You will received 3 emails once your account has been approved.  The first will be an email to verify your email address. (This is important to complete in order for the system to recognize your email address while activating your online account.)  The second email will have your start date and your account number. (You will need just the number portion of your account number to activate your online account.)  The third email will have a link to click that will take you to the website to activate your online account.  Once there, please enter in all applicable information to activate your online account.  New sign-ups are processed within 24 business hours.

Q: What is a “standing order” and how do I change it?

A: Your standing order is the amount of product you would like to have delivered to you on a regular basis. You can change your standing order by logging into your account, sending us an e-mail, or by calling us at 208-562-8885. Order change deadlines are 12:00 PM the day prior to your delivery, , with the exception of Gaston's and Zeppole products have a different deadline for changes due to the products being freshly baked.  Gaston’s cut-off time is 9:00 AM the day prior to your deliver and Zeppole’s cut-off time is 9:00 AM 5 days prior to your delivery day.

Q: What if I go on vacation or don’t need a delivery?

A: You can log into your online account and place your delivery on hold, give us a call or send us an e-mail up to 12:00 PM the day before your delivery. We can suspend your delivery as long as you need us too.

Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Yes, we do ask that you order two gallons of milk or 3 items. If you do not need this much milk each week, we can allow you to substitute a loaf of Zeppole Bread or our regular eggs for a half gallon for each product ordered.  We are in the process of allowing a produce pack to be considered a minimum order by itself (see below).

Q: Can I order produce without ordering milk?

A: Yes! One full sized pack meets our minimum order (same as 2 gallons of milk).


​Q: How will I be billed for my dairy products?

A: We will automatically e-mail you a bill the morning your delivery is received. If we have your payment information on file, we will bill your checking/credit card account for the amount on your invoice on each Friday.  If you have ACH set up as your auto pay, we will process your payment in Friday and send it to our bank the following business day.  Our bank will them process the payment and send it to your financial institution.  The payment may take a couple of days to come out of your account, this depends on your financial institution.  If you have a credit/debit card on file, we will process your payment on Friday and you should see the charge on your card the same day.  

Q: How is my autopay information stored?

A: We submit your information to our autopay processor who stores it on their servers using the latest in encryption technology. We do have access to or store your information here locally once it is submitted.

Q: What if I have a question on my bill?

A: If you have a question regarding any charges on your bill, you can call us at 208-562-8885 or e-mail us and we will go over the bill with you to to explain the charges.

Q: Must I be a customer of Boise Milk Delivery for a certain amount of time?

A: No, there is no contract to sign and no amount of time that you need to have delivery for. We are quite sure, however, once you try our fresh milk and the convenience of home delivery, you will not want to stop.

Store Locations​

​Q: Do you have any store front locations?

A: We currently have 3 store front locations that sell our dairy products, some cheeses, eggs, and a few other smaller items, and best of all our Ice Cream.  Below are our 3 store locations.

Meridian:                                  Lake Hazel:                                       Kuna: 

1735 W Chinden Blvd             10785 W Lake Hazel Rd                  1353 N Meridian Rd Ste 103

Meridian, ID 83646                  Boise, ID 83709                               Kuna, ID 83634

208-846-7220                           208-362-4142                                   208-922-5812

Q: Can I pick something up from the store and have it charged to my account?

A: No, you are not able to pick up products from the store and have them charged to your home delivery account.  Even though we are the same company, our stores and home delivery are separate from each other.

Q: Can I call the store to have them make changes to my account.

A: No, in order to make any changes to your home delivery account, you would need to contact customer service by email ( or by calling customer service at 208-562-8885.  Our friendly customer service reps would be happy to assist you.  Please keep in mind the cut-off time frame listed above.

What our customers say about Reed's Dairy:

"Lots of products right to my door."

Mindy S. - Boise, Idaho

"Their milk tastes awesome. My kids won't drink anything else."

Kara M. - Meridian, Idaho

"They have great products! They are very reliable on the delivery and have great customer service!"

Jennifer L. - Eagle, Idaho

"They have the best milk and I like the convenience of delivery."

Dave A. - Nampa, Idaho

"They have the best milk and I like the convenience of delivery."

Dave S. - Garden City, Idaho

"I wake up, still in my jammies, bring in my groceries and make breakfast for my children. All without leaving my house. It's awesome! Thank you Boise Milk and to the drivers who wake up at the crack of dawn, we appreciate you!"

Patricia K. - Kuna, Idaho

"Every week I can get the basics and only have to go to the grocery store once per week now instead of 3 x's."

Shanell J. - Boise, Idaho


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