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How our Produce Packs Work 

In it's most basic terms - a pack is an assortment of fresh produce. The contents of our packs are determined by what produce is in season and contains a variety of produce that are staples for a typical family. All items and packs come with a 100% quality gurantee.

Although the bulk of produce we deliver is quite common in households - we do like to spice things up a little. Whether it be something like uncommon berries or blood oranges - we try to add a product or two that are not to common but still taste great and expand your produce horizons. To get an example of what is included in our packs, please see the column to the right for the actual produce that was/is/will be delivered.

Additional Information:​
  • We have partnered with Charlie's Produce for all our produce needs.

  • All produce comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Our Fruit Pack, Veggie Pack and Combo Pack will arrive in a box at no additional charge.  You can set the boxes out before your next delivery and we will pick them up.

  • We are not allowing substitutions at this time for any products within our 3 large packs.

  • Don't drink milk but want produce? If we are already delivering to your neighborhood (which we are in almost all neighborhoods) we are open to delivering produce only. Please contact us for details.

Weekly Produce Packs

​Fruit Pack

Magos, Kiwi, Cantaloupe, Oranges, and Gala Apples

Vegetable Pack

Green Onions, Cucumber, 3 Pack Romain Hearts, Roma Tomatoes, Yellow Onion, 1 lb Bag Baby Carrots

Individual Packs

Gala Apples - Qty 10

Avocado - Qty 6

Baby Carrots - 1 lb bag

Bananas - 2 bushels

Cantaloupe - Qty 1

Cucumber - Qty 4

Green Onions - Qty 2 bushels

Kiwi - Qty 10

Oranges - Qty 10

Roma Tomatoes - Qty 6

Romaine Hearts - 3 pack

Russet Potatoes - 5 lb bag

Yellow Onions - Qty - 4


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